Neste appreciates Jet-Tekno’s eagerness to understand the ground crew’s work at Finnish airports

Posted on May 4, 2021 11:44:18 AM

Neste Oyj is a Finnish refiner of high-quality products and solutions – the world’s leading producer of renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuel. The aviation department of Neste Marketing & Services provides services to airlines at Helsinki-Vantaa, Joensuu and Kuusamo airports. Neste stores aviation fuel in their own terminal and refuels airplanes using their aircraft refuellers. Many of those refueller trucks come from Jet-Tekno’s workshop in Tampere.

Jet-Tekno delivered the first refueller to Neste in 1985 and has built over 20 vehicles for the customer since then. In addition to trucks, Jet-Tekno has also built refuelling containers, e.g. a 100 000 litre aviation fuel container to Kuusamo airport. Jet-Tekno has also provided maintenance, inspection, repairs and alteration for both the vehicles and the containers. 

Safety and reliability are mandatory

Safety is at the core of Neste’s business every day. In aviation there is no room for error and all systems must function properly. Also, flight schedules are extremely critical and Neste has to be able to serve their customers in the promised time. Therefore the aircraft refuellers have to be efficient and built with safety in mind. 

Jari Stenius, Head of logistics at Neste Marketing and Services, is satisfied with Jet-Tekno’s flexibility and customer-oriented service. He describes Jet-Tekno’s personnel as approachable and passionate about improvement.

Jet-Tekno knows our operations well. They are visiting our premises to further develop the cooperation, discussing with our fuel operator crew. They are eager to understand the end-user’s work, Stenius says

Knowledge sharing enables improvement

Continuous improvement is a requirement both at Neste and at Jet-Tekno. Each refueller truck should always be somehow better than the previous one. Development is easier in a long-standing partnership, as it doesn’t have to start from scratch every time. 

Jet-Tekno takes customer feedback very seriously. They pay attention to it and are always looking for new ways to improve their products, for example with their on-going digitalisation efforts. We appreciate the forward thinking mindset. There are always opportunities to improve and develop operations and equipment better and better,  Stenius says.

Jet-Tekno’s Account Director Jouko Sokka has seen most of the collaboration between Neste and Jet-Tekno, as he has worked for Jet-Tekno since 1986. 

The collaboration has been very fruitful. We have shared knowledge and gained valuable insights from each other, Sokka says.