Jet Fuel Depot

Jet-Tekno custom-builds fixed refuelling systems and depots according to customer specifications for various needs and environments.

A jet fuel depot is an economic and sustainable investment. Jet-Tekno's project management service guarantees seamless delivery and makes a jet fuel depot easy and safe to obtain. Design, delivery and aftermarket care are part of our process. We always make sure our customer gets a successfully implemented solution.

We design and implement the best solution for each customer and also discuss with the other actors involved in the refuelling process. Local legislation and standards are always taken into consideration. 


  • Modular turnkey structure
  • The tank and pumping station are separate device
  • Possibility to implement/connect to a process control system
  • Can be designed for easy transportation
  • Low cost of maintenance
  • Building materials specially selected for loading station use
  • The wall structure is sweat free, preventing moisture from getting into samples

Reliable and eco-friendly design

Environmental safety is important in our design. The jet fuel depots are safe and reliable in all temperatures. Some of the key features in reliability are 

  • Controlled containment of leaks and spills, long service life without risk of leakage
  • Equipped with GSK leak alarm system for machinery compartment, lines and container
  • Level control and overfill prevention
  • Insulated hydrant wells equipped with heating elements