Aviation refuelling container

Designed for fuel delivery in the field, this container can transport gasoline, diesel fuel and other necessary liquids all at once.

Jet-Tekno's aviation refuelling containers are tailored for flexible refuelling. With refuelling containers, there is no need to bind vehicles or build fixed filling stations. They are ADR approved and can be moved full. The autonomous, self-sufficient containers work without external power supplies and do not require a separate infrastructure to operate. 

Refuelling containers are the safest solution, even in the challenging conditions of the north. They offer long service life without risk of leakage and are therefore also an environmentally safe solution. The installation is easy and fast and our extensive delivery content meets all regulatory requirements and takes into consideration also local legislation.

Features of Jet-Tekno's aviation refuelling containers:

  • Six refuelling nozzles, each fitted with separate fuel meter displays and spring-operated 15 meter hose reels.
  • An aluminium tank of 11 400 l total capacity, divided into three 3 800 l compartments.
  • Fuel pumps are powered with an integrated diesel engine, equipped with electric starter.
  • Can also be implemented in ISO sea container
  • Solutions in accordance with JIG4 requirements