Aircraft refuellers

Jet-Tekno’s semi and full trailer aircraft refuellers are designed for efficient and flexible operation even in extreme conditions. Durable and well-equipped, they provide a practical solution for both civilian and military purposes.

Jet-Tekno's aircraft refuellers' extremely high quality is evident in all the material and component choices. For example, no black iron is used. The materials and components come from European manufacturers. The aircraft refuellers have a long service life of 20-30 years.

Jet-Tekno has solid expertise in difficult environments and demanding operating conditions. Our know-how, combined with a choice of high-quality materials and components, helps us design and construct robust and reliable vehicles without any compromises.

Customisable to each customer's needs

Jet-Tekno can make aircraft refuellers for the customer's chosen chassis. The solutions are customised to each customer's specific needs. Design, delivery and aftermarket are part of the process. 

Overall versatility, low profile and integrated lift deck equipment make our refuellers suitable for various refuelling for civilian and military needs. Jet-Tekno’s aircraft refuellers offer low profile combos with lift deck, semi- and full trailer and equipment for additives. Stainless steel fuel lines and closed sampling system offer reliable solutions for extreme conditions. 

Best choice for the users and the environment

User ergonomy and safety are paramount in Jet-Tekno's design. The aircraft refuellers enable fast refuelling. The functions are user-driven and simple and ergonomic to use, thanks to the smart placement of components and controls. Importantly, Jet-Tekno's aircraft refuellers are reliable in all conditions.

Jet-Tekno's aircraft refuellers are designed with maintenance in mind, with easy access to service points, placement, service hatches, etc. Also, troubleshooting a bus-based system takes a fraction compared to traditional.

There are no splashes, making the refuellers also environmentally safe. The sampling system is closed and all components are either protected or protected and within the drip tray floor.


Best option financially

Jet-Tekno's aircraft refuellers are a smart solution financially. The high quality of components and materials makes them durable, keeping the life cycle costs low and making the purchase good value for money. There is even a financing solution available so that you can get your own device with little capital attached.