Aviation refuelling stations

Easy-to-use aircraft refuelling stations are safe and ergonomic

Jet-Tekno specialises in aviation-related refuelling built to customer needs. Our aircraft refuelling stations provide the perfect solution for refuelling purposes, safe and reliable even in the challenging conditions of the north. 

The safest solution for 24/7/365 refuelling

The automated, easy-to-use functions for pump control and hydraulic hose reel guarantee simple, effortless and safe operation 24/7/365 and enable self-service refuelling, if desired. 

Jet-Tekno's aircraft refuelling stations are designed for safety, ease of use, and low maintenance costs. Our main focus in the design was work ergonomics. 

Some of the key features are

  • Tank filler fittings and filter are located conveniently inside the equipment compartment.
  • 20 000 l capacity double skin tank.
  • Built to flammable liquid storage requirements.
  • Conforms to EN-12285-2 standard.
  • Equipped with stainless steel lines, tank with floating suction system, preset metering system, and GSM leak detection system monitoring the inside of equipment compartment and tank cavity.
  • All solutions are in accordance with JIG4 requirements
  • Remote monitoring

Low maintenance and operation costs

Compared with purchased refuelling service, an aircraft refuelling station is more affordable. The maintenance and operating costs are low compared with a refuelling car and you can choose the most suitable / cheapest fuel supplier for you. Jet-Tekno's aircraft refuelling stations are always properly dimensioned to the customer's need. They are easy to maintain and provide easy access to service points.

Jet-Tekno's aircraft refuelling stations are made with high-quality components and are safe for the environment. They provide a long service life without the risk of leakage. Local legislation and standards are always considered and our extensive delivery content meets all regulatory requirements. 

We even provide a financing solution, which enables you to get your own device with only a small amount of capital invested. Should the need arise, Jet-Tekno's aircraft refuelling stations are easy to resell and relocate.

Download brochure here (if available) or contact us (link) for more details!