Fuel trailer 1000L

Fuel trailer 1000 l

This 1000 liter fuel trailer can be used without an ADR-approved towing vehicle. Easy to use, eco-friendly, compact and well-equpped  trailer for UN1202/UN1203 transportation.


  • Bulk trailer
  • ADR approved towing vehicle not necessary
  • Driver ADR license not necessary in UN1202 transport
  • Vehicle class O2
  • Total mass 2200 kg
  • Stainless steel double skin tank, capacity 1000 l
  • For UN1202 / UN1203 transportation
  • User-friendly operation
  • Refueling without environmentally hazardous spills
  • Drawbar with height adjustment, equipped with ø50 mm coupling, ø50 mm and ø76 mm eye
  • Led trailer lights for 12v/24v systems


  • 230v fuel pump (32 lpm, ¾” 12 m hose)
  • 24v fuel pump (25 lpm, ¾” 12 m hose)
  • Manual pump (30lpm, ¾” 12 m hose)
  • Higher rates possible by replacing the hose
  • Spring operated hose reel, 12 m hose
  • Water separator/fine filter
  • Engine compartment light
  • 6 kg fire extinguisher
  • Verified ex-equipment
  • Tank can be filled with own pump
  • Front storage space for spill containment kit and other equipment
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