Fixed refueling systems for aviation

 Fixed Aircraft refueling systems

We custom-build fixed refueling systems according to customer specifications for various needs and environments, with pumping rates from 1000 l/min up to 20 000 l/min. When necessary, systems can be designed for easy transportation. Common features for our refueling systems are reliability in all temperatures, low cost of maintenance and eco-friendly design.


  • rate 1.000 L / min – 20.000 L/min
  • can be designed for easy transportation
  • environmentally friendly design
    • controlled containment of leaks and spills
    • GSM leak alarm system for machinery compartment, lines and container
    • level control and overfill prevention
  • insulated hydrant wells equipped with heating elements
  • low maintenance cost
  • refueling farms and systems designed to customer specification
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