Fresh water container

Fresh water container 11 500 l

Designed for transport of fresh and potable water, this container features a 11 500 l tank, water pump and a diesel generator that provides all necessary power. Efficient insulation, tank equipped with heating elements, and a block heater for the engine help keep the container ice-free in cold environments. Stainless steel tank and integrated cleaning system assist in keeping the contents fresh for a long time. This water container fits inside a standard 20′ sea container for easy shipping.


  • DIN 30722
  • Weight: fully loaded 14 450 kg
  • Fits inside 20′ sea container


  • Conforms to food safety legislation
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Insulated tank and rear compartment
  • 3 kW + 3 kW tank heater
  • Tank disinfection and washing system

Electric generator

  • Power 11 kW
  • Lombardini diesel engine
  • Block heater
  • Auto stop function


  • Electric pump, rate 250 l/min
  • Automatic evacuation


  • Electronic level meter
  • 10 m discharge hose
  • Adapter kit

NATO code number 2510-58-000-5538

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