Field refueling container

Field refueling container

Designed for fuel delivery in the field, this container can transport gasoline, diesel fuel and other necessary liquids all at once. Six refueling nozzles are each fitted with separate fuel meter displays and spring-operated 15 meter hose reels. Aluminium tank of 11 400 l total capacity is divided into three 3 800 l compartments. Fuel pumps are powered with an integrated diesel engine, equipped with electric starter.


  • Refueling container for diesel fuel, gasoline and other liquids for vehicles
  • Possible to transport and deliver diesel and gasoline at the same time


  • Total mass 12 600 kg
  • DIN 30722

Six pcs. refueling nozzle

  • Spring-operated hose reels, 15 m/reel
  • Designated flow meters

Fuel lines

  • Material: stainless steel


  • Three compartments: 3800 l each, total capacity 11 400 l
  • Material: aluminium
  • ADR

Diesel engine

  • Electric starter


  • Heater for hydraulic oil
  • Carrier for eight 10 l jerry cans

NATO code number 5430-58-000-3755

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