Project design

Design through project lifespan

From pre-planning to upgrades

Customer needs and wishes are the basis for all of our design, therefore we can offer unique solutions and completely customized products for specified purposes. For us the customer always comes first.

We offer all-encompassing project design for the mechanics of the product, from stress analysis to PLC programming. Our design department produces all necessary blueprints, user manuals and spare parts documentation. Our design archive covers the company’s product documentation from the year 1978 on. We use up-to-date design software, such as SolidWorks and Microsoft NAV.

Efficiency through modular design

Modular design means dividing the project into smaller segments that are completed cost-efficiently as separate entities, and are assembled together in the final stage. Jet-Tekno has lots of experience in carrying out projects with this procedure. Modular design helps keep the product’s turnaround time at our facility as short as possible.


Latest knowledge and best components

Co-operation with authorities and suppliers keeps us well-informed on legislation and latest regulations, such as exhaust emission limits.

We use only the best and proven components in our products to guarantee their high quality.

Design fundamentals

  • customer requirements
  • legislation
  • environmental issues
  • initial costs
  • maintenance costs
  • visual design
  • ergonomic factors
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