Manufacture, service and repairs

The bulk of our own manufacture consists of refuelers and fuel trailers, water and waste tank vehicles. We also service and repair our own products as well as vehicles and machinery from other makers. We keep a good selection of standard spare parts in stock to ensure fast maintenance and repair operations.

Guaranteed reliability

Most common materials used in our products are aluminium or stainless steel. We use up-to-date welders and sheet metal machinery and have a comprehensive range of special and hand tools. All of our products come with service agreements that provide proper service and necessary repairs without delay. Modern production facilities are necessary to keep up with new standards and ever strictening requirements, for example in welding.

We employ fifteen (give or take a few) metalworking professionals. Our staff turnover is small, which indicates good job satisfaction.

Diverse locations

Jet-Tekno operates at various locations all over Finland. We carry out maintenance and modifications at aviation fuel depots, ships and airfields. Depending on the site, installation or maintenance times vary from a few hours up to two years. Typical assignments include fuel depot line modifications and repairs, but we also build installations from ground up. We service and repair runway net and cable barriers as well.

Modern and efficient production gives Jet-Tekno a solid competitive edge, which has secured us several broad framework contracts with our customers.

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