Our mission – what we do

We manufacture customized refueling and ground support equipment for aviation, road transport and marine purposes, with a customer-oriented approach.

Our vision – way to the future

Our goal is to maintain our competitive edge, and to develop and manufacture high-quality, innovative products.

Our values


We have trust in our clients, our suppliers, each other and our company,  all the way.


By being open we add to the spirit of openness.

Our principles

Customer-oriented approach is our guiding principle. In our design and production we bring together our know-how and the clients’ requirements.

By constantly training our staff, improving our production methods and quality control, we form a strong basis for developing our products. We are proud of what we do, and it shows.

We strive to make high-quality products that satisfy our clients, while being environmentally friendly, safe to use and economical.

Key figures

  • Personnel: around 20 resourceful professionals
  • Annual turnout 3,5 – 4,5 m€
  • Located in Tampere, Finland
  • Exports to a dozen countries, most significantly Russia, Estonia, Lithuania, Sweden
  • Imports from a dozen countries, most significantly USA, Italy, Sweden, Germany, France
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