AH PreciFuel system

AH PreciFUEL system

Alfons Haar PreciFuel system could be described as operating system for Aircraft Refueller. PreciFuel system consists of Display, metering system, PreciNodes, and various sensors. The system is able to fully operate the refueller through one display, including metering, level sensors, interlock system, engine control, filter monitoring, lift control etc. Installing PreciFuel system is faster and easier than conventional PLC system, because the sytem is connected with only 4 PreciBus cables.

Jet-Tekno is proud to announce that we have the ability and knowledge to install this system to Aircraft Refuellers. We are also able to retrofit this system to older refuellers, without the need to change the meters.

Alfons Haar PreciFuel datasheet: PRECIFUEL

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